Town Square Vegas Design Architects
Town Square Vegas Design Architects
Town Square Las Vegas Design Architects
Town Square Las Vegas Nevada Design Architects
Town Square Vegas Nevada Design Architects
Town Square Vegas Design Architects


Town Square Las Vegas stands as a testament to innovative urban design and community-centric living in the heart of the renowned Las Vegas, Nevada. Completed between 2004 and 2007, this expansive lifestyle destination spans 100 acres and encompasses 1.5 million square feet, showcasing a harmonious blend of architectural styles that evoke a sense of organic evolution over time.

Conceived with a visionary approach, Town Square redefines the conventional Vegas experience by eschewing the iconic casinos in favor of a diverse array of public parks, retail spaces, a hotel, office complexes, dining establishments, and entertainment venues – a revolutionary concept that breaks away from the typical Vegas mold.

Located along the Vegas Strip and strategically positioned adjacent to McCarran International Airport with easy access to I-15 and I-215, Town Square is not just a destination but a dynamic focal point. Its central town square, adorned with fountains and plazas, becomes the nucleus of this innovative community, offering a unique space for residents and visitors alike to gather and experience the energy of Las Vegas in a fresh and unexpected way.

Family-friendly amenities abound, including a charming children’s park featuring a carousel, art galleries, bookstores, and a gourmet market. Ascending to the second level unveils an 80,000 square-foot, 18-screen multiplex theater, providing a sophisticated entertainment experience. Notably absent are the ubiquitous casinos, marking a departure from the traditional Vegas scene.

Architecturally, Town Square is a collage of styles, from Old World-styled Spanish mission-inspired “pueblo-deco” and traditional main street to contemporary town center styling and Mediterranean influences. This eclectic mix imparts a timeless charm, fostering a sense that the town has organically evolved.

Green spaces, tree-lined avenues, and colonnaded areas with trellises and canopies soften the urban landscape, creating a welcoming environment for the city’s two million residents and the 40 million annual tourists who seek a refreshing approach to Las Vegas design. Town Square Las Vegas is not merely a destination; it’s a testament to visionary urban planning that harmonizes diverse elements into a cohesive and dynamic community experience.

Design completed while Senior Partners at DDG.

Las Vegas, Nevada
97 acres / 39.3 hectares