A trio of accomplished designers with more than sixty years of award-winning architectural design experience, the Principals of Design 3 International (D3i)—Simon Sykes, Jim Baeck and William Lopez—have worked on five continents and designed everything from spectacular mixed-use projects to memorable retail destinations, and from dynamic entertainment-anchored concepts to high-end resorts and residential communities.
The three bring a diverse range of experiences and skillsets to the table, and an international perspective that is reflected in the portfolio of projects the men have worked on over the years. Whether it is Vegas or Venezuela, the Middle East or Middle America, the principals of Design 3 are equally comfortable working in different styles, cultures and markets. Their collective experience—particularly the unique blend of perspective, insight and architectural design fluency that comes from doing so many projects in so many different cultural and professional contexts over the years—enables them to balance and satisfy the competing interests of developers, retailers, mixed-use tenants, residents and guests.

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