D3i’s philosophy is simple: work closely with stakeholders to interpret their vision; be open to new ideas and concepts; and, above all, trust in our creativity, imagination and experience.


A collaborative and interactive exchange of ideas–an extended and free-flowing brainstorming session known as a charrette–that includes all stakeholders in a project, from owners, developers and investment partners, to leasing professionals and other consultants. The charrette can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  It is the literal and figurative rolling up of sleeves: a place where the energy and artistry of the sketchpad and the foam-core model still hold real and tangible value in the creative process.

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The enthusiastic and passionate exchange of ideas can yield dynamic and something thrilling results–an organic, collaborative approach that is at the core of the D3i creative process. The most innovative and successful projects all begin with this kind of back and forth: honing and refining big ideas to create a more vibrant, popular and profitable finished product.


The freedom–and willingness–to explore new ideas and new frontiers has enabled Design 3 International to break boundaries, set new standards, and create genre-defining designs and destinations. From iconic American originals to groundbreaking overseas innovations, the firm’s portfolio reflects the innovative spirit and inspired creativity of its principles.


Perhaps uniquely among premier architectural design firms today, D3i still makes extensive use of sketches and hand-built models throughout the design process. The practical utility of model-building, together with the flexibility and freedom of the charrette process, means that the creative genesis of every Design 3 project is derived from a tried-and-true process that rewards inspiration and innovation.