From groundbreaking concepts to breaking ground on a new project, the D3i design process is optimized to generate original design and development ideas–and efficiently bring them into brick-and-mortar reality.


The charrette is where the bones of a project are assembled. With its immediacy and intensity, the real-time discussion and debate of the charrette brings together a range of different viewpoints and helps distill what might otherwise be a months-long, back-and-forth process to a day or two of action-packed, hands-on design. This is not an academic exercise, but a practical and results-driven process that yields multiple viable design options.


The design ideas born during the charrette are tested, refined, and made more real–leading to a working concept design to further guide development. Once this more refined concept design has been completed, a fully developed and marketable concept can be presented to partners, jurisdictions, landowners, and other interested parties.


During the schematic design phase, the approved concept design is translated into three-dimensional reality. Conceptual images and renderings are transformed into a detailed and sophisticated design that allows for accurate pricing and budgeting, informed decisions about planning and development, and securing approvals from prospective partners and tenants.


The final manifestation of the design process, design development fills in all the critical details–from specifying materials and color selections, to amenities, lighting and other details. At the conclusion of the design development phase, a comprehensive and finished design can be provided to construction professionals to generate construction documents.