Ocean Reef Club Key Large Master Plan Design Architects
Ocean Reef Club Key Largo FL Design Architects
Ocean Reef Club Key Largo Florida Design Architects


Located on the northern end of Key Largo, Ocean Reef Club is a 2,000-acre member-owned luxury community and resort. At the core of the development lies the commercial district of restaurants, shops, and an inn. As part of an ongoing revitalization of this district, the new master plan envisions a new hotel and condominiums, upgraded club rooms and restaurant, and a new retail/entertainment “village.” As land is limited and proximate parking a key missing component, the entire core area of Ocean Reef Club is elevated above the flood plain, creating a layer of convenient parking for both cars and golf carts with easy access to all new uses.

Key Largo, Florida
45 acres / 18.2 hectares
250,000 sq. ft. / 23,234 sq. m.