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Greenville County Square
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Greenville County Square


Our vision for a vibrant new urban center is coming to life at Greenville County Square, a transformative mixed-use town center spanning over 40 acres at South Church Street at University Ridge. As architects and planners, we’re excited to help reimagine this space, turning an old shopping center into a bustling, walkable district that appeals to a diverse array of urban dwellers, suburbanites, families, and tourists.

Greenville County Square will feature a harmonious blend of retail, restaurants, residential units, hotels, and offices. Each component is thoughtfully integrated to ensure convenience and accessibility, supported by both surface and structured parking solutions. The development is designed to foster connection and interaction, creating a dynamic environment where people can live, work, and play.

At D3i, our focus lies in enhancing public spaces and refining building facades. We aim to bring the “public realm” to life—a term we use to describe streets, squares, plazas, sidewalks, parks, and other accessible spaces that encourage social experiences. Our preliminary designs showcase our vision through detailed hand-renderings and plans, highlighting the intended paving patterns and materials, planting areas, and the strategic placement of water features and fountains, seating areas, and plazas and parks that will define the space.

The transformation of Greenville County Square is more than just a development project; it’s an opportunity for the city of Greenville to redefine its urban core. Our goal at Greenville County Square is to create a space that reflects the city’s growth and aspirations, offering a vibrant, inclusive community where everyone can find their place.

GT RP Greenville
Greenville, South Carolina
approximately 40 ac. / 16.2 ha.