eleven park entertainment district design architect
eleven park entertainment district design architect
eleven park entertainment district design architect
eleven park design architect, conceptual aerial rendering
eleven park entertainment district master planner
eleven park entertainment district master planner


Located in in downtown Indianapolis, Eleven Park Entertainment District is a transformative mixed-use development project designed by Design 3 International. This innovative project is set to reshape the cityscape, offering a unique fusion of sports, sustainability, and a lively community.

Indy Eleven Stadium

At the heart of Eleven Park is a remarkable 20,000-seat soccer stadium, the proud home of Indy Eleven, a prominent United Soccer League (USL) team. The stadium’s design, crafted by Populous, showcases a modern and dynamic aesthetic. D3i coordinated the location of the new Stadium with Populus, the stadium’s architect of record.

Eleven Park Entertainment District

Adjacent to the stadium lies the Eleven Park Entertainment District, a thoughtfully curated blend of residential, commercial, and entertainment options. Influenced by other successful and iconic projects like Easton Town Center, National Harbor, and The Greene Town Center, Eleven Park emphasizes creating spaces that not only captivate the eye but also prioritize the pedestrian experience. Equally, the design aims to honor the rich history and culture of Indianapolis with pedestrian-friendly streets, inviting outdoor spaces, and an architectural blend that harmonizes new and historic elements of Indianapolis.

The residential component of the district offers a variety of housing options, including apartments and townhomes, catering to diverse lifestyles. The pedestrian-friendly design extends to the entertainment district, where a mix of retail and dining options creates a vibrant neighborhood centered around a public green space.

Eleven Park is a pivotal project, poised to revitalize downtown Indianapolis. With its exceptional stadium design, meticulously planned mixed-use district, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, it stands as a lasting symbol of the city’s progress. More than just a hub for sports and entertainment, Eleven Park Entertainment District embodies a flourishing community, ready to inspire both residents and visitors while reinvigorating the downtown.

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