EkoPark Quito Produbanco building
EkoPark Quito Nestle building
EkoPark Quito entry fountain plaza
Eko Park entry plaza
Eko Park entry plaza
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Eko Park Corporate Offices Quito Ecuador Design Architects
Eko Park
Eko Park Corporate Offices Quito Ecuador Building Architects


EKO Park Office Center, located at the entrance of the Metropolitan District of Quito, is the result of an alliance between the private company and the public sector with the aim of creating a node that integrates national and international companies, academic institutions and the neighborhoods of Nayon and Monteserrfin. The different users and programs in the project contribute to a dynamic, interactive and secure environment, fostering innovation and collaboration.

The development strategy of EKO Park aimed to transform an urban neighborhood, into an inclusive and modern development. This change included the creation of EKO Park Square, a public garden of 4,991 sq. m., which is accessible to the public, illuminated, and connected to the neighborhoods through wide sidewalks, cycle paths and tree-lined areas. The EKO Park Plaza allows the recreation, relaxation and interaction of different constituents, thanks to its intimate and collective spaces. In addition, the ground floors of the towers have a variety of commercial and didactic spaces that activate life towards the sidewalk and street, contributing to making attractive and walkable urban spaces.

EKO Park Corporate Center is made up of five office towers organized around a pedestrian green axis that connects all the ground floors. The heart of EKO Park is a Japanese garden of 1,000 sq. m., an oasis of peace and tranquility. The Japanese garden has water mirrors, walkways and areas for relaxation. Emphasis was placed on the implementation of native plants to obtain a habitat that demonstrates the natural wealth of the region and that becomes an area of fauna for the area.

Construction partner:
Ekron Construcciones
Quito, Ecuador
30 acres / 12 hectares
538,000 sq. ft. / 50,000 sq. m.