town square at Easton Town Center
Colorful pop fountain at Easton Town Center
colorful lighting effects of Easton Station building at Easton Town Center
interior of Easton Station building at Easton Town Center
radio controlled boat pool at Easton Town Center
Smith & Wollensky at Easton Town Center
AMC Theaters at Easton Town Center
Cheesecake Factory at Easton Town Center
storefronts at Easton


Easton Town is a genre-defining mixed-use destination that harnesses the power of the traditional small-town street grid to extraordinary effect. Easton’s Middle American aesthetic relies on a brick-and-stone palette, updated with contemporary accents. Easton’s pedestrian-friendly layout and abundant public green space facilitate both commercial enterprise and social engagement, and recall the familiar town squares of the middle part of the 20th Century. A range of different environments–from the grandeur of the enclosed Station Building to the European elegance of the Fashion District–accentuate a sense of discovery, and thoughtful architectural details like cast-iron lampposts, faded murals and canopied storefronts help bring tree-lined streets to life and establish a memorable and enduring sense of place.

Columbus, Ohio