Maharishi Vedic Master Plan, Niagara elevation
Maharishi Vedic City Planning waterfront plaza
Maharishi Vedic Master Plan, Niagara Falls site
Maharishi Vedic Master Plan, Iowa site


D3i planned two Maharishi Vedic City communities, one in Niagara Falls, Canada and one in Fairfield, Iowa. The goal of these master plans is to create garden cities that are in harmony with natural law, and go beyond “live, work, play” approaches to design. They aim to connect individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence and create living conditions that are ideal for the inhabitants and the planet.

Planned in strict accordance with the ancient Maharishi Vedic principles and rules that consider the solar, lunar, and planetary influences on the earth, the development is conceived to offer the complete immersion into the Vedic lifestyle with low-density housing with adequate flow of fresh air, generous green space, public gardens, and a silent center that promotes the health, wealth, and positive physical and mental aspects of every individual and the community at-large.

The Maharishi Vedic City master plan follows planning rules that govern the site selection; measurements and proportions of the site and structures; orientation of buildings and roads; resilient and sustainable systems, and the timing of the groundbreaking and completion.

Iowa and Niagara Falls
150 acres / 61 hectares