keruen mall proposed exterior renovation
keruen mall food court renovation aerial
keruen mall food court renovation ice rink
keruen mall food court showing the expanded mezzanine
ground level court renovation
keruen mall east entry renovation
keruen mall main mall entry renovation
mall access from parking level


Keruen Mall, situated at the heart of Astana, Kazakhstan, stands as a symbol of retail success and urban vitality. In response to the ever-evolving consumer landscape and the desire to maintain its status as the national mall, our design aims to breathe new life into Keruen Mall through a comprehensive renovation and repositioning strategy. This ambitious endeavor will revamp the mall’s identity, enhance customer experiences, and secure its position as a premier shopping and entertainment destination.

Facade Transformation

Our design solution starts with a dramatic facelift for the mall’s exterior. An innovative and contemporary façade will not only attract visitors but also reflect the evolving spirit of Astana. Perforated metal mesh panel, cutting-edge lighting and digital screens will combine to create an iconic look, ensuring that Keruen Mall becomes a beacon of modernity.

3rd Floor Food Court Renovation and Repositioning

The crown jewel of our renovation is the third-floor food court, a bustling hub of gastronomic delights. We propose a mezzanine expansion of this space, accompanied by the addition of an indoor ice rink. This unique feature will offer year-round recreational opportunities and appeal, setting Keruen Mall apart from competitors and creating a gathering point for families and friends.

Underground Parking Signage and Graphics

The renovation extends beyond aesthetics, addressing functionality as well. Improved signage and graphics in the underground parking area will ensure smooth navigation for shoppers, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Upgraded Finishes and Furnishings

We recognize the importance of ambiance in shaping the overall shopping experience. To this end, we plan to upgrade finishes and furnishings throughout the mall. This includes modernizing common areas, restaurant dining terraces, and seating arrangements, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Our vision for Keruen Mall is to transform it into a dynamic, multifaceted destination that resonates with the aspirations of Astana’s residents and visitors. Through a blend of innovative design, customer-centric enhancements, and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to secure Keruen Mall’s place as the crown jewel of Kazakhstan’s retail landscape for years to come. The Keruen Mall renovation and repositioning represents a bold step forward, aligning with Astana’s future vision while preserving its rich retail heritage.

Keruen TOO
Astana, Kazakhstan
672,500 sq. ft. / 62,500 sq. m.