Akasya Istanbul Design Architects D3i
Akasya Istanbul Design Architects
Akasya Turkey Design Architects
Akasya Istanbul Turkey Design Architects
Akasya Turkey Design Architects D3i
main entry rotunda at Akasya
residential at Akasya
snowy Akasya entrance
rotunda at Akasya


The Akasya master plan transforms a former factory site into an iconic development. A large elliptical landscaped park unifies the site, providing literal and intuitive connections between three zoned parcels. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, and pedestrian pathways, Central Park functions as a natural transition between residential components and the retail and entertainment center to the south. Residential offerings include high-rise residential towers anchoring the northern and southern ends of the project. The dramatic southern tower sits atop the shopping center and creates a defining reference point; a visual and conceptual sight-corridor into the project from adjacent highways.

Design completed while Senior Partners at DDG.

Istanbul, Turkey
45 acres / 18.2 hectares