aerial of Plaza 300 @ Avenida Escazu
atrium space at Plaza 300 @ Avenida Escazu Mixed Use
office building at Plaza 300 @ Avenida Escazu Mixed Use
residential building at Plaza 300 @ Avenida Escazu Mixed Use
schematic model for Plaza 300
Plaza 300 master plan


Plaza 300 is a mixed use destination that anchors the south end of the Avenida Escazu urban district. The plan includes both an office and a residential building atop ground floor retail. The site’s steep slopes allowed for four levels of below grade parking without being visually obtrusive to the main project elevation. A covered multipurpose plaza provides weather and sun protection for a variety of programmed community events.  Using glass, brick, sustainable materials, and accented with native plants, the buildings are designed in a modern architectural style to work seamlessly with the surrounding phases of the larger Avenida Escazu community. As with all phases, Plaza 300 @ Avenida Escazu, prioritizes the balance between nature, human well-being, and the generation of value.

Fideicomiso de Administracion Inmobiliaria
San Jose, Costa Rica
Office 12,000 sq. m. / 129,120 sq. ft. Retail 1,600 sq. m. / 17,216 sq. ft. Residential 4,800 sq. m. / 51,648 sq. ft.